Man Flu!

It’s been a hard week so far, I started feeling a little under the weather on Sunday night, Monday was a little worse but by Tuesday I was feeling pretty awful, Wednesday was a right off [...]


We’re off to Spain in January for a break, Ryanair have started a route from Edinburgh to Malaga which is easier than Glasgow for us, also the times are better than the Easyjet flight. So, we [...]

Andy and Jen

Today I was in Farleyer House, Aberfeldy for Andy and Jens Wedding. It was a small intimate affair with only 19 adults and 15 children. Farleyer house can only just accommodate that number of [...]


A few months back I bought a load of new kit, this included a Canon 450D which I wanted to use as a travel camera as it is quite small. I bought a Sigma lens to go with it. I’d never really [...]

Days Off

I am gradually figuring out that it’s difficult to distinguish between days at work and days off. Today was a day off, Susan had a day off so I decided I would too. We took the dogs for a [...]