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One of my design clients had commissioned me to photograph the Head of Standard Live Germany. Like all those jobs, the technical part was going to be easy compared to the organisational aspects. The designer was keen to shoot outside the Standard Life building on Lothian Road in the dark and we were working towards that arrangement when we got a call from his PA to say he did not want to do the photograph that night, eventually he was persuaded that we really didn’t have an option but we could shoot it in his hotel. In the end we decided on a night shoot outside his hotel and we set up waiting for him to arrive from the airport.

We set up lights using a stand in so that he could be done and dusted in a few minutes, we guessed he’d be wearing a dark suit so some back light was in place to lift him from the dark background and to create a rim round his shoulder. When he arrived he was carrying his suitcase with all those stickers on it and the designer suggested that we use that in one of the pics as the story was about him personally and one of the topics was the amount of traveling he has to do. In the end we was a really nice guy, easy to photograph and grateful that we took 10 minutes of his time and let him get back to dinner quickly.

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