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If you are selling a house, great photography makes such a huge difference. A sales schedule is designed to do just one thing, get a potential buyer across your doorstep, not only will great photography help that process – bad photography will positively hinder that. For a relatively small investment, it is really worth getting a professional in, no matter the size and cost of your house

Estate Agent photography

Estate Agent photography

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Create a feeling of lifestyle, make sure that your photographs suggest that the person looking at them could live there290115 - 008290115 - 012
Use a wide angle lens to make a sense of space and get as much in the shot as possible but beware that you dont go so wide that straight lines start to bend290115 - 013
Photographing from a hallway into a room gives the viewer a sense of having a sneak peek into a room – follow that up with a shot of that room290115 - 014
Make sure that its obvious that a bedroom has an en-suite290115 - 016290115 - 019

Think about details too290115 - 020290115 - 022290115 - 025290115 - 027
Use a tripod, it slows you down and makes you think but don’t keep it at the same height, vary the angle of view
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Remember, it’s not a show home, it needs to look lived in too290115 - 045290115 - 054
Watch the sun as it moves round the outside and follow it.290115 - 056
Empty tables look really bad – 20 mins work to set the table makes a huge difference290115 - 060290115 - 062290115 - 068290115 - 002

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