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Holiday House Photography on Balmoral Estate
What a difference it makes having your holiday rental home photographed properly, if you want to see the difference between what the client can produce and what I can produce, just have a look at this link from last year and you will see what I mean.

Anyway, once again I was on Balmoral Estate photographing a property that has just become available for rental and what a property it was, an old granite house with huge rooms and recently done up to a very high standard. This actually makes the job of photographing it much easier, its almost impossible to disguise shabby old furniture and dodgy decoration and even if you can, it leaves the customer with a sour taste when their holiday home turns out to be nothing like it was portrayed on the website.

On this job, I was working behind the decorators and electricians as they frantically tried to get the house ready for the first guests, this is the very best time for Holiday House Photography as everything is fresh and clean

If you are a holiday home owner and need Holiday House Photography, just give me a call using the contact forms on this site – thanks

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