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Last Saturday I was in the absolutely stunning Birkhill Castle, this beautiful castle is home to Lord and Lady Dundee, 6 months ago I didn’t even know this place existed and now I have 2 Weddings this year here. It just makes you wonder what other locations I have yet to discover.

I arrived early and things were getting organised, actually fireworks were being dug into the ground for a huge display later in the evening.


I found Alana in the hairdressing room and there was something odd going on with a duvet cover, holes were being cut in the bottom – more about that later.

171009-029 171009-037 171009-024

I took the rings, shoes and jewellery for a little photo session outside in the grounds, always really worried doing this in case I lose something and very glad to hand it back over again.
One of Richard and Alanas sons was getting dressed by Granny
171009-048 171009-046

Alanas dress was absolutely stunning and had been hand made by a friend as a present, such a lovely touch especially the little label in the inside.

Typically we were running a little behind at this point (most Weddings do) but I took the boys outside for a couple of shots, it was a lovely day and very sunny but that can actually be a problem for a Wedding Photographer so we went round the back to get some shade.

Back in Alanas room there were loads of people helping out and a few kids running about too, it was all very relaxed.
Alana was being helped into the dress by her bridesmaids.





Looks like her Father is giving her a few last words of advice
171009-099 Meanwhile, Richard was looking very relaxed
171009-113 The minister was great, he did magic tricks and played the guitar – actually very well, how cool is that.
171009-125 It was a very nice and relaxing service.

Richards sister was enjoying it but she was first to cry!

There was a hand tying ceremony too. Then the rings were passed round the room, everyone had to put their hand on the rings and offer some sort of good wish so most people said, health, happiness, luck, love – that sort of thing. Once the rings got back to the Minister, Richard said he was disappointed that no one had said “Wealth”, this caused a few laughs.

We did a few group shots then took Alana and Richard away for a few “couple” shots. This is where the duvet came in. Birkhill has a huge turret with beautiful views over the Tay to Perthshire but to get there you have to climb this tiny and pretty dirty staircase so to protect the dress, Alana put the duvet cover over the top, all very organised.









171009-247 171009-248 171009-246


Eventually she was back in her sack for the trip back down the stairs.

We walked round the walled garden for a few more shots. It is beautiful and would be even more so in Summer but time was running out for us and dinner was to be eaten.
Rather than offer favours, Alana and Richard had chosen to make small gift donations to charity on behalf of their guests, for example, mine was a bar of soap to a village in Africa. A really nice gesture that is indicative of the type of people they are.
171009-282 Dinner was at a very long table in the great hall. I was sitting next to some lovely people and purely by chance when we got chatting it transpired that they knew my family quite well – small world.
Richards speech was entirely off the cuff and very funny.



171009-331 The best mans speech was very funny and he was actually quite kind to Richard, I feel he was let off far too lightly.
171009-358 Then it was dancing, it turned out that I actually knew the musicians from my days in the Scouts, again a small world.
171009-364 171009-383 The dancing was followed by fireworks, what a setting.


Then it was time for me to leave. Alana and Richard, I really enjoyed the day, you were a lovely couple to work with and I hope that you are as happy with the results as I am. Have a great honeymoon and lets catch up next time you are in Dundee.


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