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Emails like this one I received today are the most frustrating part of being a Wedding Photographer, the inability to split yourself in 2!


Hi Angus, Having visited your site and blog and having seen a large sample of the relaxed and natural photographs including excellent recommendations from colleagues and friends, my fiance and I are very much interested in your services for our wedding day. Unfortunately upon viewing your calendar you appear to be booked already – our wedding is XXXXX July 2012   at Atholl Palace in Pitlochry. I am gutted as yours seems to be exactly the style of photography we are looking for and as a Blairgowrie family it would have been perfect to have a local photographer! I am emailing simply to note our interest in case the booking you already have is not fully confirmed or there happens to be a cancellation. I appreciate this is a long shot but I would rather ask the question than miss out altogether! Kind regards

This happens about once a month and it is as frustrating for the photographer as it is for the couple, obviously I have suggested other Photographers that might be free. However, to all Brides, if you find that you have made up your mind over a photographer (me or any other) then just go ahead and make the booking, no matter how far in the future it is and avoid situations like this.

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