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Unusually for me I had a Wedding on a Thursday. I had last met Emma and Aaron last December when they booked me officially and we did a pre Wedding photo shoot for their personal Wedding web site which they won in November. We all got on well and I knew that the day would be a laugh. Emma had put her heart and soul into this day for over a year, organising the smallest of details, finding stuff on-line, buying things from Ebay. There is no secret that this Wedding had a budget and Emma was determined to stick to it, and stick to it she did. Thankfully her and Aaron agreed that Photography was not something to that should be skimped on – this makes my life harder actually as that puts photography (relatively) right at the top of the list.

Anyway, I started at the Inchture Hotel where Emma and her friends were getting ready. Emma had lots of nice jewellery that she was planning on wearing and my first job was to record all that, she was also to wear 2 Wedding rings, the 2nd one was her Grandmothers ring.



Aaron had bought the Links of London Jewellery for Emma and in return this is what she had bought him: A signed DUFC football, how cool is that ! I have been asked to photography many things at Weddings, some very odd and some not to be spoken about here but strangely this was my first football – I had a bit of a mental block on how to photograph it so I do hope Aaron and Emma are happy with the results.

221009-020 Can’t remember this little dogs name but it had been on the hen night so it came to the Wedding too.
221009-039 221009-044 221009-030

Emmas lovely Daughter had the looks of a model but always pulled a face when she saw me!
221009-061I headed down to RRS Discovery where Aaron was waiting patiently with Emmas Son James. Aaron was remarkably relaxed.

As usual Debbie and her team had done a great job and the Ship looked stunning.


The Bridesmaids turned up – looking lovely

Emma was looking stunning and a little tearful but she got it under control.

James and Aaron were looking cool and relaxed on the top deck
 221009-135 I can;t remember what was said here but it was obviously very funny, now I think about it, it was probably the vows which were quite funny.

221009-141 James was looking on with interest, he had to hand over the rings so he was making sure he knew what was happening.
221009-183 Afterwards we headed down stairs so that we could get a shot with the Piper before he left.

221009-216 221009-228 A formal family shot in Captain Scots Cabin
Whilst I took this shot Shannon, Emmas daughter was sticking her fingers in her mouth and pretending to be sick, I’m sure she’ll be reminded of that every time she sees this shot.

221009-293 The conservatory at the Inchture Hotel is lovely and the food is excellent here.

221009-312 Emma made first speech, this is not unheard of but very unusual, it was very moving and personal, a few tears were shed . Then it was time for me to leave.

Emma, Aaron, James and Shannon, you were lovely to work with, thank you very much for inviting me to share your special day with you and I do hope that our paths cross again soon. Keep in touch.

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