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The room turnaround was speedy and well organised but I took the time to download and check my files. Then it was time for dancing, Laura-Lee and Matthew put everything into the first dance, I am sure they had been to lessons.

Photographing dancing is a bit hit or miss, dark rooms make it difficult to focus and by the sheer nature people are moving around a lot. In some regard Ceilidhs are easier because if you know the dances then you can predict to some extent where people will be.

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Well, thats the lot folks. Laura-Lee and Matthew, what a great day you all had, thank you so much for asking me to be your photographer and treating me like a member of your family. Your friends are all a great laugh (slightly mad) but great fun. I hope you are having a great time in Cuba, your proof book is here so I will be posting it with your disc tomorrow.

Thanks again and do keep in touch

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