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Back again at Norton House Hotel last Friday, this is a great venue, despite the fact that they sometimes do 3 Weddings on the same day you’d never know as everyone is kept apart from each other.


230710-82 David had chosen  to have 2 best men which I sometimes wonder is a bad choice as you get double the hammering through the speeches but Davids were really nice people and were actually quite kind to him


Photographically this is not a great shot but I thought I’d include it anyway – captions welcome in the comments section below!
230710-116 Lauras Mum arrived with the 2 Bridesmaids, all looking lovely

230710-120 Then Laura herself just a few minutes late.

Laura told me that her Dad had made her listen to 80s music before they left which means that Lauras Dad must be of the same generation as me which means that I must be old enough ……. lets not go there shall we!



Check back later for some shots from the beautiful Humanist Service

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