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Last Saturday I had the real pleasure to work with Laura and Richard and photograph their Wedding. I had only met them once before but I was sure they would be relaxed and great fun on the day – I was right!

Laura didn’t;t want any “getting ready” shots so I met up with Richard at Baxter Park for some shots with his best man Philip. I’ve never photographed a Wedding at Baxter Park before, it’s kind of like the register office but why anyone would choose to use the registry office when this is available is a mystery to me. It’s a lovely, bright open space with great photographic opportunities nearby.


Baxter Pavilion is situated in the midst of the 38 acres of mature parkland of Baxter Park. Baxter Park was laid out in 1863, a gift to the people of Dundee from linen manufacturer Sir David Baxter and his sisters Eleanor and Mary Ann. The park was designed by Victorian landscape architect Sir Joseph Paxton, one time gardener to the Dukes of Devonshire and designer of London’s Crystal Palace (1851)


I took Richard and Phil for a quick walk round the building for a few different shots before they were called away as Laura was arriving.
030410-25 Laura looked absolutely stunning in a very elegant but simple dress that suited her perfectly. 030410-35
A few last minute words of advice from Phil before the service.

030410-45 The Laura arrived down the aisle, there were a few tears.
030410-52 030410-60 The service was conducted by Grant, one of the registrars that I see around quite a lot.
030410-62 Lauras father in the background looking on – very proud


030410-78 030410-83
030410-86 030410-87

Grant always serves Champagne after the service and while the schedule is being signed, I remember once at a Wedding (not in Dundee) the Registrar did the same and in the excitement the glass was knocked over on the schedule. It was all very stressful and as a result I always get a little nervous when champagne is served.

So, thats the lot for today, tomorrow I’ll blog some of the couple shots that we did round the building and that will be followed by a few from the Apex Hotel.

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