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I have been pretty fully booked for July this year for quite some time, I have 8 Weddings, that’s every Saturday, some Sundays, some Fridays and a Thursday. Yet 6 days from the last 7 I have had enquiries for dates this July. Even 2010 and 2011 have dates booked in July in my diary. So, if you are planning a July Wedding and want a Photographer, I’d suggest that you speak to them soon.

When I am fully booked I am passing along my enquiries to a Photographer in Edinburgh who I know will do a great job, of course the downside is that as they are great Photographers, they are also busy most Saturdays. So, if any Photographers read this and would like to discuss the opportunity of taking on some of my enquiries for dates I am currently booked, please email me or contact me through my web site at

It goes without saying that I’d need to be completely satisfied with your work before I could recommend you.

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