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I’ve been a little worried the last 2 weeks, normally I can be sure to get at least 1 Wedding booking per week, sometimes 2 but things have dried up a little over the last wee while. Anyway, the flood gates have opened again, in the last 3 days I have had 4 bookings so I am back on track.

This is a very quick post as I am heading off in a minute to Edinburgh for the Wedding of Fiona and Mos in Braid Hills Hotel, I have a funny feeling this will be an interesting Wedding so I’ll try and publish some shots early next week.

Next week is busy with commercial stuff and another 2 meetings to discuss Weddings for next year. Also, I want to have 2 days holiday as Susan is off work for a week and we want to have some time off. 

Phase 2 of my web site is going live next week, it’s nearly finished and Danny has done a great job on it, what he does not know yet is that I am already thinking about phase 3 – sorry Danny!

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