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Once again I found myself at the lovely Ballathie House Hotel in Perthshire, this time it was for the Wedding of Brian and Kerri, a lovely couple who booked me at the end of 2011, I had a feeling it would be a great Wedding, full of fun and interesting people – boy I was right.

Kerri did not get ready at Ballathie so I spent more time with Brian and the guys before the service, unusual but fun none the less. Ballathie looks lovely, even more so when it is decorated well.

Table decorations and flowers were by Jillian at Something Special in Blairgowrie
I have this thing about rings, I like to try and find something different for them every time, Kerri and Brian are really into hillwalking so I though this rock looked a little like a mountain

Nina, the Boxer dog was lovely but very nervous
Photographers amongst  you will see the problem here, for January we had brilliant clear skies and sunshine, unfortunately it was streaming right into the ceremony. Kerri had sensibly placed herself in the shadow of a window pillar but that just made it worse as Brian was in full sunlight. The difference between light and shade was huge, really to much for any camera to deal with. I had agreed with the Minister that I would not use flash but in the end, to salvage the situation I just had to.
Kerri was only Married a few minutes and already 2 different men were patting her bum
Speeches can be great opportunities to catch photographs of people when they are unaware of it happening, like this photograph of Kerris Sister Vanda
Then it was onto the dancing, another great opportunity for people photography

What a great day, great company, great food, great venue. Thanks to Kerri and Brian for choosing me as their photographer.

Venue – Ballathie House Hotel

Florist – Something Special

Photographer – Angus Forbes


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