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Couple photography is my favorite part of the day and quite often the couples say the same, it’s a great time to get away from the hustle and bustle of the day, slow down and relax a bit. It’s generally the first time alone (apart from me of course) the couples have after the service.

Carnoustie has a nice new building by the golf course that has lovely light inside and a great new wall that can be used as a background

I have a policy of never showing anyone any pics on the screen on the camera but when I captured this photograph of Tracey during the speeches, I had to let them see it. Peter said “and thats exactly why we chose you as our photographer”. Hope you dont mind me showing it here Tracey!!!!!
Traceys Nephew made a very good speech that was delivered well with just the right amount of sentiment and humour – well done, a great job
Peter took a ribbing from his brother

Then it was time for the first dance, read more about that in the next and last post

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