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I’m really lucky to be a Dundee Wedding Photographer that has such lovely clients, I hear other photographers talk of Bridezillas and “difficult clients” that I thank my lucky stars that none of them book me. Today was a good day, the post arrived and no credit card bills were there, instead I found 2 lovely thank you cards.

Sara and Marc had written a card as a wee thank you for my services at their Old Course Wedding and another lovely card from Alison and Gavin for my work on their big day at Hilton Dunkeld House. Both couples were lovely and easy to work with which makes such a difference.

Alison and Gavin said :

“you captured our day better than we could ever have hoped and in such a laid back and comfortable way that us and our guests hugely appreciate”

This is exactly what I set out to achieve at every Wedding, a Wedding is not about Photography and many photographers need to remember this, photography is a small part of a big day – important , but not the reason the day is taking place.

Thank you to all my clients who not only allow me to pursue a job I love but for taking the time to write and thank me, totally un necessary but very much appreciated. You can see more letters and comments on this page of my website

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