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You’ll find Wedding Photographers are a bit obsessive about the Weather, especially rain – this post will probably explain why.  This was probably the worst ever weather in my whole life as a Wedding Photographer which was such a shame because the grounds at Forbes of Kingennie are lovely and to be prevented from using them was frustrating to say the least.

Susan and Stuart
Susan and the girls were getting ready in one of the lodges and the guys were getting ready in the lodge next door

Susan and StuartSusan and StuartSusan and StuartSusan and Stuart
The rain was so bad that the girls had to sit on the bus for a while to see if it would passSusan and Stuart
It didn’t pass so they just had to run for it – Dave Stibbles the driver got drenched and all the staff from Kingennie were marvellous, a tunnel of umbrellas suddenly appeared. Meanwhile I stayed under cover and captured the events with a long lense. It was to protect my equipment you understand, nothing to do with me !!

Susan and StuartSusan and StuartSusan and Stuart

The service was conducted by Stuart from Angus Council (just realised a lot of Angus and a lot of Forbes in this wedding)

Check back tomorrow for something very special from this Wedding

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