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After the service, we had to abandon ideas for a group photograph outside as it was absolutely crashing down, instead, we headed off to the Boathouse for some couple shots.

By the time we got there the rain had actually stopped so we managed a couple of shots on the deck but that was pretty much it for outside.
Back at Forbes of Kingennie we got started with Family group shots, to be absolutely honest, not a fun part of the day for anyone so we cracked on quickly and got therm finished.
That left me time to get the detail shots done of the table decorations etc before Leona and Paul were piped in
Then the rain stopped again for a few minutes to allow us to shepherd everyone outside for the big group.

Paul was very nervous about making a speech but he did really well
And that was it, over for me – probably the worst weather at any Wedding in memory, such a shame but if I could control the weather – boy, my prices would go up!


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