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It’s been a hard week so far, I started feeling a little under the weather on Sunday night, Monday was a little worse but by Tuesday I was feeling pretty awful, Wednesday was a right off and thankfully by Thursday I was on the mend. I am sure it was the worst case of flu that has ever been recorded but apparently "it was just a mild cold".

Sundays photo shoot was quite busy despite the bad weather, I had some lovely families round for photographs and so far the feedback has been excellent with loads of great comments. The fact that Christmas is looming means that people are looking for photographs to give as presents or put in cards and the orders are coming in thick and fast, trying to keep on top of them has been a challenge but I think I am hanging on. I cant put photographs from Sunday here because they all include children and the world has become slightly paranoid, I am sure most people really would not mind so if any of Sundays customers are reading this and they don’t object to their photographs appearing here then please email me and let me know.

A couple of the older kids would make great models for my stock photography which I want to spend a little more time on next year, so again parents from Sunday, you may get a call from me regarding this! You can see my existing stock library at Alamy



Monday was spent processing and sorting through Jen and Andys Wedding Photographs, creating contact sheets and getting them off to the lab. They have just arrived back today so Jen, they will be with you Monday!

Tuesday was on the Photographs from Sunday there were over 400 to sort through and upload to individual web sites, because I was feeling ill it took longer and I had to finish it on Wednesday. I’ve been planning a trip to Spain which is purely business, I want to photograph the Jerez Horse Fair so Susan has given me a pass for 4 days of travel – all alone in Spain! You’ll remember from my last post about Ryanair that I am now the proud owner of a Visa Electron card so I was able to buy my easyjet tickets with no charge – sorry Stelios.

Wednesday was a little selling, I was over at St Andrews seeing a potential new client, the meeting went well and it looks like there will be some business there in the future. Thursday was a continuation of the selling with a trip to Glasgow to see 2 potential commercial clients and a potential Wedding client, all meetings went well and I have some work to do for 1 of these clients in the next week or so and another job in January for the other one. The Wedding Meeting went well and hopefully I’ll have another booking from that. All in all it was a good day, feeling a little better and a successful day. The evening was spent processing, sorting, cropping and generally tidying up photographs for clients then uploading them to the labs web space for prints. I worked solidly until 10.40 so I was knackered.

Today I am writing this blog using the free wifi in Braes, Perth Road Dundee as I have dropped Susans car in for new tyres and I’m getting my hair cut at 11.00 so I better go. Exciting stuff ehh!

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