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As a Perth Photographer, I am regularly working in some of the areas top Wedding Venues like Atholl Palace and this was my second visit to this venue in a week, check this link to see Aileen and Martins big day.  I like Atholl Palace, its an easy venue to Photograph a Wedding in, no matter the weather there is always someplace to take people for photographs and with it being a fairly large venue, there is lots of space to work in.

I’ve known Louise for a long time, she has been at many Weddings I have photographed in the past and I was expecting loads of bling, not to mention Heidi her lovely little dog – who hates my actually, thankfully she only has 3 teeth so the damage was minimal! Its good to be at a Wedding and see loads of familiar faces and it was good to work with Colin of Cam Media once again. The service was conducted by Gary Smith of the Humanist Society  once again, another familiar face as we work together a lot.

My day started as usual in the girls room where all sorts of hair and make up magic was being performed, everyone was very relaxed and calm which makes my day so much easier. I was able to swap between the girls rooms and the boys rooms to get pictures of them both getting ready, thats the beauty of everything being in one building.  It was great to catch up with Jenni of Stucio  Waow who had provided the beautiful flowers for the day. Soon it was time to make it all happen, Gary provided a very personal service as usual, lots of laughter and suddenly it was all signed up and the dead was done.

Weather forced us inside for most of the photographs which was a pity but it was March after all. Family photographs then a walk round the hotel for some couple pictures and pretty soon it was time for the Speeches. Colin and I had a quick meal in the bar before I set up my kit for the dancing and before I knew it, it was time to head home. Are you looking for a Perth Photographer – give me a shout


Thanks to Louise and John for allowing me to record your special day, it was a blast


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