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You have probably found this page because you searched online for something to do with Vintage Wedding, after all Google report over 1000 searches per day for his very topic.

It only seems like yesterday that clients were talking about “colour pop” where the photograph is in black and white but a small detail is in colour. I am proud that, to this day, I have never actually colour popped a photograph, in fact, I don’t even know how to do it. Not because I flatly refused but because I was always able to gently persuade clients that they may not be so keen on that process in 10 or 15 years time, thankfully they have all agreed.

Whenever I am asked about my style of Wedding Photography, I always say “timeless and elegant” – I like to think that in 10, 20 or 100 years time people will look back at my work and still like it, still find it relevant.

This brings me onto the subject of Vintage Wedding Photography, this is the current trend and like all trends a whole industry has built up around it, specialist vintage wedding dresses, vintage wedding florists, vintage wedding photographers and so on. I’m old enough to know that fashions come and fashions go, vintage is here now but like colour popping it will be gone tomorrow and another fashion will appear.

This will be a divisive topic, I know that some people absolutely love all things vintage and as a Wedding Photographer, my job is to give clients exactly what they want, if they want vintage – they shall have vintage. Lets have a look at Vintage Wedding Photography.

A Wedding is never (or very rarely) photographed in a Vintage style, the process of taking photographs is exactly the same, a true Vintage Wedding will have Vintage stuff but on the day, the photography is exactly the same as any other Wedding – it’s after the day that’s different.

Just like Instagram, Photoshop and Lightroom comes with some filters (and you can buy or make many more). Vintage Wedding Photography is simply a normal Wedding with vintage filters (or presets as we call them) added afterwards.



wedding photographer dundee

This is a pretty basic Vintage Wedding preset, you can see the colours are washed out, the strange thing about Vintage Wedding is that it’s designed to replicate “the old days” when technology was not as good and colours were faded.  Look closely at the buttons on the back of the dress and see how they have disappeared, this is because the washed out colours have affected the detail in the white dress and cameras in the 1930s and 40s would never be good enough to hold that level of detail



vintage wedding in dundee

Once again, the vintage set is faded, the colours dont hold as much contrast and there is an overall sheen to it



vintage wedding

On this example, look closely at the black jackets of the guys at the front and see how much more detail there is in the dark areas. This is, for me , what makes Vintage a strange concept, you are actually removing detail and sharpness thats already there.

So, by all means, hold a Vintage Wedding, have a vintage dress, decorate your tables with vintage things, ask your florist to design a vintage bouquet but I cant see any great reason to remove lots of nice sharp details from your photographs just because you can.

However, if thats what you want, thats what you shall get – I’m happy to provide this service for you anytime, just let me know


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