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The Guardian Dating site only matched Vic and Rob at 84%, quite a low rating for that particular site I understand, however, Vic clicked on Robs Profile despite being “the worst photograph ever of him”, they met up and the rest, as they say, is history. Despite meeting them both twice in the run up to the Wedding, I never realised that Rob is Danish, typically for the Danes, he speaks perfect English and puts all to shame. With Vic working for EMI and Rob being a trendy graphic designer, their Wedding was always going to be full of interesting details and stylish people, I was not disappointed.

I began my mammoth day at Pitlochry where Vics Mum and Dad live.

Vics Dad Barry is an amateur weather reporter and had printed out the satellite image of the UK for the day of the Wedding, showing unusually a totally cloud free sky. Not ideal for a photographer but great for an outdoor Wedding. He runs a very popular Pitlochry Weather Blog – click here
I love this shot, there is so much going on, from the bridesmaids looking so excited, Vics Mums huge smile to her Dad trying very hard not to cry in the background.
Back at Ballathie Hotel, I met up with Rob and his Mum and Brother for a few shots quickly before Vic arrived.

It was time for the service, conducted by Perth Registry Office, check back later on for photographs of that

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