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I always enjoy a Wedding at Doubletree Hilton Dundee, its a lovely building in nice grounds on the edge of Dundee with loads of great photo locations if you are willing to explore and find them.

Rachael and John had actually won their entire Wedding at Doubletree Hilton Dundee as part of Radio Tays Cash for Kids competition, they had raised a huge amount of cash for charity and their prize was a free Wedding, I was delighted to donate my services to such a good cause. I found Rachael and her many bridesmaids in the room getting ready for the big day, it was pretty cramped but I managed to get a few shots in before I headed downstairs to photograph the cake and other details.

Rachael had a quick run in the car with her dad before arriving back for the service. The service was conducted by Maureen from Dundee Registrars Office, she always conducts a good and personal service.

A quick group photo outside before the celebrations began

Working quickly through the family photo list then a few couple shots outside and inside making use of the lovely old staircase in the hotel, it was soon time for speeches and dinner. Dancing was to the Elaine Stewart Band and the floor was jumping when I left

Rachael and John, it was an absolute pleasure to meet and work with you, well done raising so much money for charity

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