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It was a slightly unusual wedding at The Malmaison Hotel in Dundee, unusual in that it was a turned on its head. Alan and Grace were already there getting ready in different rooms, guests were asked to arrive later in the afternoon for a buffet dinner then the Wedding was unusually after Dinner.

Anyway, I kicked off my day with Grace and her girls when they were getting ready, despite having 2 teenage girls with them, it was reasonably quiet and relaxed. The furnishings in the Malmaison are really nice which makes for great photographs with lots of little touches that can be used as a backdrop.

I met up with Alan and his daughters for a few shots of him and then them together in the staircase area of the hotel, which while being a little dark is beautiful. Grace came down for a few shots with Alan before the guests arrived and we used the classic staircase for that as well as some of the corridors with nice lighting. Then the guests arrived for the evening buffet, I took the opportunity to sit and download the photos so far, just to check all was well and nothing had gone wrong.

The wedding service was after dinner, as Alan is a chaplain, he has a lot of Minister contacts so it was a good friend of his that conducted the service which made it really personal.

Finally, Heart and Soul provided music for the dancing, I stayed for a couple of dances then left to let them enjoy their evening.

Another wonderful day at The malmaison Hotel in Dundee


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