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Westpark Dundee Wedding – Angus Forbes

Westpark is not a venue I am in often (although that has changed this year). It’s a beautiful old building with a modern conference centre in the grounds, being selfish I always look at a venue as a photographer and Westpark has lots of different areas to take photographs, specifically there is a window that can open wide enough for me to get a camera out and take a large group photo, there are nice areas inside in case of bad weather and a small but varied garden to provide different backgrounds. Ideal really.

I started off with Gemma getting ready although most of the getting ready had been done before I arrived and I found the girls playing cards to pass the time. Dougie arrived at the same time as a group of Ladies from the UAE, they all wanted their photograph taken with him and they lined up patiently for their turn at a selfie. The weather was fantastic, just ideal light actually and almost all the photography was outside.

Maureen from Dundee Registrars arrived to conduct the service which was as good as always then it was time for photography. The good thing about everyone hanging about outside is that it’s easier to do the family photography as everyone is generally within sight, as  a result we finished the list very quickly and also managed to add a few extras in. A quick walk round with Dougie and Gemma and that was me finished, I left them to mingle and chat while I photographed all the little details like the cake and room settings.

Speeches followed by dinner and then it was time to dance.

Dancing and Cake Cutting was in the Conference Centre in the garden, it’s  a dark room and you earn your money as a Photographer working in places like this.

Thanks for having me Dougie and Gemma and thanks so much for the fantastic facebook review


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